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Meet Our Trainer

Whitestone Farm Trainer Carol Hawley
Carol Hawley

We are delighted to have Carol Hawley as our trainer at Whitestone Farm.  She brings 25+ years of experience as a successful professional to our program; guiding numerous clients of all ages to local, state and national awards.  Carol tailors her training strategy to the horse or rider’s individual needs and goals.  Her philosophy embraces the idea that “all horses and riders should be safe, happy and productive; whether they are just starting out, holding steady, or shooting for the stars."


A native of Lynchburg, Virginia, Carol is a University of Mary Washington graduate and resides in Spotsylvania with her husband Buddy, daughter Koelber, and their two dogs, Gracie and Maisy.

Whitestone Farm Trainer Carol Hawley
Top Notch Support

Whitestone Farm is dedicated to providing first rate service and care to all of our clients and their horses. Our staff is a closely knit, highly trained group of individuals interested in a common goal: keeping our horses safe, sound, healthy, and happy; and at the same time, creating a positive, relaxed, productive atmosphere for our owners, clients, and students. Whitestone Farm is a place where owners, riders, students, and staff come together to love and enjoy the world of horses on and at every level... your happy productivity is our number one priority!


In addition to our educated, seasoned, and caring staff, we are also blessed with expert veterinary and farrier service. Whitestone Farm enjoys uninterrupted access to a top notch veterinary practice, with specialists available in every area, including sports medicine. All of these services, including 24-7 emergent care, are delivered with a professional, yet personal touch. Our farrier care is also full service and continually available, provided by an individual whose expert skill and vast experience with performance horses keeps our barn at peak soundness and productivity!

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