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Our Internship Program​

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitestone Farm LLC is committed to providing safe care to all horses and people. While we have closed the facility and its surrounding areas to the public, we are still looking to hire our next inter​ns! With apartments located ON-SITE for all interns, staying safe and getting this amazing opportunity is as easy as ever. As the uncertainty of COVID-19 continues to grow, Whitestone Farm is offering a wonderful PAID educational opportunity that CAN and SHOULD be taken advantage of!!

Whether you are already a budding professional, or have NO horse experience at all, we have educational packages designed to take YOU to the next level! We have provided successful internships and job placements for hundreds of candidates. Whitestone is always looking to provide educational opportunities to help the next outstanding individual pave their way into their dream career path!

Educational Opportunities Include: 

  • All aspects of effective stable management

  • Top quality equine care and services

  • Procurement, training, and management of staff

  • Managing veterinary, farrier, and training programs for horses

  • Facility management and maintenance

  • Medical maintenance and rehabilitation

  • Superior client care

  • Instruction and training for horse and rider

  • Horse show management

  • Business marketing


All internships are at least a one year commitment. 

If you are interested in becoming the next member of our team, please contact our trainer, Carol Hawley, at !

Whitestone Farm is the perfect place to learn everything and anything about the horse industry! Whether your goal is to learn management skills, work as a trainer/instructor, or anything else in-between, Whitestone has it all! Whitestone internships are typically 1 year long, but I have enjoyed my internship here so much that I have decided to extend my internship by another year!

-Emma Munson

Whitestone Farm Horse and Rider

I hope you all have been having a wonderful year out at Whitestone! I have some exciting news. I have successfully graduated from college and have a new job out in Aurora, Colorado! I could not have done this without the experience and knowledge that I gained while being an intern for your farm. My time at Whitestone really aided to the success of my last academic year as well as with landing this new job! You all have taught me many different and valuable skills that I will continue to use throughout the rest of my journey in the equine industry. I don’t think I can express it enough how much each of you have left a personal touch in my life. I miss you all so much and I hope to make a trip out to visit soon! Until then, I wish you each endless happiness and joy for more successful years to come! 

-Mary Szynalski

Words can’t really express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to intern at Whitestone Farm. While I was hoping to learn a lot, I didn’t expect how much I could grow in just a years time, educationally or personally. Whitestone Farm connected me with a phenomenal equine sports medicine veterinary team and farrier. I was also able to work with a fantastic group of small animal veterinarians in town.  With their guidance and experience I was able to increase my veterinary experience across multiple fields. Whitestone also has a fantastic farrier who took the time to help me understand the many variables you need to consider when shoeing horses. The wonderful staff at the barn helped me increase my horsemanship skills, management skills, and my client relations. Working with our trainer, Carol, helped me understand the expectations a trainer has of her veterinary team, farrier, and barn staff. She also taught me about conditioning and rehabilitation for horses on the hunter jumper show circuit. My internship also allowed me to work with Kathleen (horse show manager) and Kristen (business and farm owner), and helped me increase my farm and business management skills. Because of all the tremendous people that were involved in my internship I can proudly say that I will be starting my veterinary career in August at The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. 

-Lindsey Pokrzywinski

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