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We provide the customer with qualified training for your horse. 


Whitestone Farm specializes in quality instruction for all ages and levels.

Whitestone Farm will be available to help our clients maneuver both sides of the sales process smoothly. 

Whitestone Farm Horse and Rider with Ribons

Fabulous Facilities, Top Notch Trainer, Personalized Service...

Whitestone Farm has it all.      

            I love this place.  As a busy professional who works long hours, I can relax knowing my horses are well cared for at Whitestone Farm.  The barn is airy, bright and always clean with large rubber-matted stalls.  Automatic waterers, a fly spray system and deep bedding all make my horses cozy and comfortable when at Whitestone (I refer to it as the “Spa”).  There are two riding rings with amazing crushed rubber footing along with a number of jumps.  I have yet to find a facility in this area with comparable footing or other amenities. 

            For a number of years, Carol Hawley, Whitestone’s trainer has schooled my horses keeping them fit and well-trained for my lessons with her at Whitestone.  I know when I get on, my horses will be calm, will listen and be ready to work.  Carol asks me periodically what my goals are for both myself and my horses.  Whether local or AAA shows, Carol makes sure that progression towards my goals is consistently made, and that my goals are eventually met.  Carol’s knowledge of all things equine, including how, what and why a horse moves, her patience, as well as her willingness to share her knowledge is much appreciated and, in my case, needed.  Carol is a positive, motivated and skilled instructor.  I always come away from a lesson feeling accomplished and inspired.

            Whitestone Farm is fully staffed with a professional staff member on-site at all times.  Going on vacation is never a problem knowing there is someone at the barn 24/7 monitoring the horses.  Personalized service is something Whitestone definitely offers.  The horses I keep at home are trailered to Whitestone a few times a week by one of their staff members for training, lessons, farrier service and periodical grooming.  I know that if any of my horses looks “off”, has a cut, or anything at all, I will be called and, if necessary, the vet will be called. 

   Best place ever. . .

Whitestone Farm Horse and Rider

— Patricia H. Mysliwski

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