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Deputyartee the OTTB: From a Critical Joint Infection to HITS Circuit Champion
Written By LoriAnn Rustigian on May 20, 2019 for The Plaid Horse

"Deputyartee or “Depp” as he is fondly called, told me that he wanted to go long and slow, so we set our sights on the hunter ring. I put him in the hands of a trusted trainer who worked with OTTBs. Now, he’s known as the 2019 Thoroughbred Hunter HITS Ocala Winter Circuit Overall Grand Champion, but what really makes that victory remarkable is his journey to overcome a life-threatening injury that happened last year."


Whitestone Farm Boarder, LoriAnn Rustigian, with her horse, Deputyartee, ridden by Carol Hawley

Horses, Hard Work, and Fairy Dust
Written By Penny Hawes  From May/ June 2017 Issue of HorseTalk

"April 21-23 was a busy weekend for middle and high school riders from around the country as the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) held their National Hunt Seat Finals at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA...Meg is passionate about horses. That's all she thinks about - night and day. She's very bright, and a very bright, and a very good student, but it's all about the horses and dogs."

Whitestone Student, Meg Bonner with Trainer, Carol Hawley

Rider overcomes fear of horses to compete in national event; 'this is such a triumph over a challenge'
Written By Cathy Dyson  online Apr 20, 2017  for the FREE LANCE–STAR 

"As much as Meg Bonner loves horses—and they make her so happy she can’t quite put her feelings into words—she also has a paralyzing fear of them.

Even so, the 12-year-old hasn’t let her natural terror of half-ton animals keep her out of the show ring, the barn or even the saddle. She faced her fears head-on—and ended up winning regional and state championships in the process."

Jumping Clinic with George Morris : Four Riders with Solid Legs
Written by George Morris. From the June 2016 issue of Practical Horseman

"...Her leg position is excellent. The stirrup is on the ball of her foot. The outside branch is ahead of the inside branch and at a right angle to the girth. Her heel is down, her ankle is flexed and her toes are out. Her whole calf is in contact with her pony and the contact is distributed between her thigh, knee and lower leg. She has tight calf muscles, which gives grip and security."

UMW Inducts First Equestrian to Athletic Hall of Fame
Written by S. E. Morris. From the March/April 2015 issue of HorseTalk

"Instructor, trainer, judge, and professional rider Carol Hawley was the first equestrian inducted into the UMW athletic hall of fame on Jan. 24, 2015. Called “one of the most influential figures in the riding program’s history at [the University of] Mary Washington,” Hawley coached the UMW equestrian team from 1984–1998, leading the team to numerous national competitions and awards."

UMW Athletic Hall of Fame Baquet
Filmed in January 2015

Carol Hawley, Whitestone Farm's Trainer, was inducted into The UMW Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015. In her acceptance speech she speaks on her training philosophy and reflections on life in the horse industry.

Madison Boyer qualifies for IEA Nationals
Written for March 2013 issue of HorseTalk

"Madison Boyer, 16 year old Riverbend high school sophomore and member of Whitestone Farm’s Interscholastic equestrian team qualified for Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) National Finals on March 10, 2012 in Novice Equitation by winning top prize at Zone Finals at Chatham Hall school in Chatham, VA. "

Whitestone Student, Meg Bonner with horse, Mary Poppins

Whitestone Student, Koelber Hawley with her horse, IBA Blue Diamond, featured in Practical Horseman Magazine 

Carol Hawley celebrating  student Kathy Miles Danielson's winning moment at IHSA Nationals

Whitestone Farm's Trainer, Carol Hawley

Whitestone Farm's Trainer, Carol Hawley with Whitestone Student, Madison Boyer

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